This page will be used to collect the answers to questions asked to us by users. If you have any questions that do not only apply to you personally, but might interest the whole community they will be shown here anonymously. Questions can be sent to info@oogstkaart.nl.

1.Do you have a manual available?

Yes! we do, you can download it here.
Are you looking for reused materials: click here: tutorial.
Are you a supplier? You need this one: tutorial supplier.

1. I want to start my own community in my own city is this possible?

Yes we fully support any local initiative on sharing materials. As soon as you register the map wil center around your city of residence, wherever you are in the world. If your language is not featured at Harvestmap please let us know so we can take action.


2. I want to sell my second hand car, can I offer this at Harvestmap?

Harvestmap is meant for materialsources that can be reused for design and construction purposes. In essence this means that we will not allow single items to be offered, just series are welcome or constructions that consist of more similar parts. The judgement lies with the administrators of this website.


3. Use of Harvestmap bèta is free, will it allways be?

For the coming half year we welcome everyone to join and test harvestmap for free and allow you to use it until January 2015. After the launch of version 1.0 we will ask new members a contribution fee depending on the type of registration.  We are doing our most to keep the fee as low as possible to allow a wide audience to participate.

Registrants will receive a mail before the official launch to communicate changing policy. We will make sure that material you have been sharing with Harvestmap will always be accessible to you even if you decide not to become a paid member in the future.


4. I would like to advertise on Harvestmap is this possible?

We are open to advertising posts that fit the idea of Harvestmap. Please send us an email at oogst@superuse-studios.com and we’ll let you know when the procedure for posting advertisements is installed. To make sure your advertisement gets accepted you can always propose your ad with the administrators via the same email address.


5. I have a company that keeps stock and we would like to install a harvestmap to manage materialsources within our business, is that possible?

Yes we offer a service to companies to install a branded version of harvestmap for internal use. The great feature is that when your company wants to offer internal stock to the potential buyers on Harvestmap, this can be done with just one mouseclick.


6. What is the difference between a harvest tip and a harvest?

As a registered user you can provide tips to the harvestmap community. Registered scouts can personalise tips and add his/her own additional data to it to turn it in to a harvest offer.


7.  Is it possible to keep certain harvest posts to myself?

By  saving the post as ‘draft’ in the last stage of entering data noone else will see your post apart from yourself.


8. If I want to end my subscription to Harvestmap will all my data be lost?

Only if you choose so, but before deleting your profile you are able to transfer all your posts tips and addresses to another user with the right permissions.